Kosher Hotels for Honeymooners: Romantic Getaways with Kashrut

May 23, 2024

Planning a honeymoon can be exciting, but for Jewish couples who observe kashrut, finding the right accommodations can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many kosher hotel around the world that offer romantic getaways with adherence to kosher dietary laws. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect kosher hotel for your honeymoon.

Benefits of Kosher Hotels for Honeymooners

Kosher hotels provide a unique blend of romance and kashrut, ensuring that you can enjoy your honeymoon without compromising your dietary practices. These hotels offer kosher meals prepared under rabbinical supervision, as well as a range of amenities designed to create a romantic and memorable experience.

Top Destinations for Kosher Honeymoons


Israel is a popular destination for kosher honeymoons, offering a mix of beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and luxurious accommodations. Cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Eilat have several kosher hotels that cater to honeymooners.


Europe offers a variety of romantic destinations with kosher accommodations. Cities like Paris, Venice, and Santorini provide the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon, with kosher hotels ensuring that your dietary needs are met.

United States

In the United States, destinations such as New York, Miami, and Hawaii offer kosher hotels that cater to honeymooners. These locations provide a mix of urban and beach experiences, making them ideal for a romantic getaway.

Choosing the Right Kosher Hotel for Your Honeymoon


Consider the location of the hotel when planning your honeymoon. Choose a destination that offers activities and attractions that you and your partner will enjoy. Whether it’s exploring historic sites, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying cultural experiences, the right location can make your honeymoon unforgettable.


Look for hotels that offer amenities designed for romance and relaxation. This can include private balconies, spa services, romantic dining options, and beautiful views. Some kosher hotels also offer honeymoon packages that include special touches like champagne, flowers, and romantic dinners.


Reading reviews from other honeymooners can provide valuable insights into the quality of a kosher hotel. Look for reviews that mention the hotel’s suitability for couples, the quality of the kosher food, and the overall experience.

Tips for Planning a Kosher Honeymoon

Book in Advance

Booking your honeymoon well in advance can help you secure the best accommodations and rates. Kosher hotels can fill up quickly, especially in popular honeymoon destinations, so it’s best to plan ahead.

Consider Special Requests

If you have any special requests, such as a room with a view or a private dinner, be sure to inform the hotel in advance. Many kosher hotels are happy to accommodate special requests to make your honeymoon extra special.

Plan Activities

Plan some activities and excursions to make your honeymoon memorable. Whether it’s a romantic boat ride, a scenic hike, or a cultural tour, having activities planned can enhance your honeymoon experience.


A kosher honeymoon can be a romantic and unforgettable experience, thanks to the many kosher hotels that cater to honeymooners. By choosing the right destination, amenities, and planning in advance, you can enjoy a honeymoon that meets your dietary needs and provides a beautiful and romantic getaway. Platforms like make it easy to find and book the perfect kosher hotel for your honeymoon. Celebrate your new life together with a honeymoon that combines romance and kashrut.

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